Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

WARF partners with the Morgridge Institute for Research, UW-Madison and the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery on programs that help develop interest in science and creativity in K-12 students, educators and families. This includes important programs like the Wisconsin Science Festival.

Deepening the university’s impact beyond the lab and into our community is an important mission. The Broader Impacts project is a pilot program to help support researchers in developing Broader Impacts as part of their grant work. Eventually, more programs will be added on and off campus that will work toward these goals:

  • Improved representation for women, people with disabilities and underrepresented minorities in STEM.
  • Improved STEM education and educator development.
  • Increased public scientific literacy and engagement.
  • Improved well-being of our community.
  • Development of a diverse, globally competitive STEM workforce.
  • Increased partnership between academia, industry and others.
  • Improved national security.
  • Increased economic competitiveness.
  • Enhanced infrastructure for research and education.

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