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WARF Advances in Engineering and Computer Science | July 2023

Top licensing prospects from the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Power-Saving, Data-Transmitting System for Wireless Remote Sensing
A UW team has developed a low-power wireless network system well suited to smart agriculture that could provide up to 82-fold improvement in energy efficiency.
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Metal Foam Additive Manufacturing with Controlled Pore Patterns
Unlike traditional manufacturing techniques, this new metal foaming technique is entirely controllable, which enables 3-D printing of metal foams with uniform pore dispersion, as well as custom pore patterns.
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Wet Biofuel Compression Ignition
This compression ignition engine system allows use of hydrous biofuels with high (20-85%) water content and enables significantly higher exhaust waste heat recovery (WHR) compared to conventional WHR systems currently in development.
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Silicon-Germanium Alloy-Based Quantum Dots with Increased Alloy Disorder and Enhanced Valley Splitting
Researchers from UW-Madison and the University of New South Wales have devised an important enhancement to quantum well design using SiGe alloy heterostructures.
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Aerial Station Power Tether with Unipolar Current Flow
This new power tether for aerial devices like balloons or drones uses as few as one conductor, providing a ground return by capacitive coupling between the aerial device and a ground plane at a base station.
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