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What qualifies as an innovation to disclose to WARF?

What qualifies as an innovation to disclose to WARF?

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Your discovery of any new process, composition or device, or an improvement to an existing process, composition or device, may be defined as an invention. In addition, WARF also has expertise in managing other types of innovations.

Examples of inventions:

  • Devices: i.e., a new type of laser or surgical tool
  • Processes: i.e., improved methods for purifying cells or new software techniques
  • Compositions: i.e., new materials, food, chemicals or drug molecules
  • Copyrights & Proprietary data: i.e., surveys, software, educational tools, compiled databases
  • Software: i.e., computer source code, executable code or apps
  • Biological materials: i.e., cell lines or plant varieties

If you’re still not sure if your discovery is protect-able by a patent or other means, or if you don’t know what applications it could have, please contact us for a confidential discussion.

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